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Viking Damascus Sword

According to Petersen typology it is a type E/V Total length is 911mm and the blade length is 754mm.

Since november 2019 I have been working on the viking sword made of 5 damascus billets. The core of the sword is made of three damascus steel billets (each is made of hard and mild steel) - like in viking times. The billets on the outer sides of the sword are made of hard carbon steel. I made the sword using as much medieval techniques as possible. The sword is of higher quality than swords in viking times.

I used brass wire inlay technique to decorate guards and pommel.

The sword is blunt now - cca 0.5mm. I didnt sharpen it because I supposed the customer will carry it and it will be safer this way.

Its scabbard has a wooden core covered with leather.


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