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Peter Szabo Weaponsmith

    Just like metal has its identity given by raw materials that it is made of, also a weapon or a tool has its identity given by its creator. For me this is the way of showing respect to historical production techniques, materials and people who will use my weapons and tools.

    I don´t intend to be one of many, I get personally dedicated to each product so that it gets its soul and becomes original. I make unique weapons and tools for remarkable people.

Get to Know Me

Since my childhood I have been interested in woodcarving and later I started to work with metal. When I was such a little boy that I could hardly hold a big hammer, my father bought me a forge, anvil and a few pairs of pliers (equipment from an older blacksmith) and a bit of coal. And there it all started. However, after my high school I didnt have enough time and space for blacksmithing, as I found another job and lived in a flat. A few years passed by and I and my wife bought a house where I almost immediately built and furnished a forge. Everything I learned during my previous jobs along with support of my wife helped me to start making collectible, modern and historical cold weapons, according to requirements of customers or to historical findings, sketches and templates.

variety of ways

I make my products of high carbon steel, damascus steel, wrought iron, bronze, brass and many other materials. The choice of material depends on the particular project and customer´s wishes - whether it is going to be an endurable tool or a historical replica that requires materials like in the Early Middle Ages. For more inspiration please visit my projects or e-shop.

Custom works

HAVE IT YOUR WAY!  If you feel you need a piece of weapon or tool according to your requirements, or sketches you have, don't hesitate to contact me via contact form or email. Please include any pictures, dimensions, sketches, findings or anything that may help me to meet your ideas. Thank you!


   For more inspiration, please have a look at my gallery or products. You will find many hand forged products there - custom made Viking axes, medieval battle axes, Viking bearded axes, engraved axes, Viking damascus knives, broken back Viking seaxes, remarkable damascus swords,
custom made bushcraft axes, engraved bushcraft knives, engraved bushcraft knives, hand forged tomahawks, fantasy axes and hand forged bushcraft tools.

In my forge

In my forge I make custom made collectible, modern and historical cold weapons according to customers´requirements, historical findings, sketches and templates. I also make tools and accessories for bushcrafting. I stick to historical methods but if it is required I also use modern techniques. In my offer you will find historical, collectible and modern axes, tomahawks, knives, war hammers, fire strikers, cutlery... My weapons are of high quality, ready for hard use and battle. For more details don´t hesitate to contact me. To see what is now available, please visit the product page.


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