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Damascus dwarf sword

Hello friends, here is your chance to win this silent auction

Let me introduce 
BORIN - dwarf damascus sword.

The blade is forged from three billets of damascus steel. Each billet has a different combination of different steels. Back for toughness. Center for strength. Bottom for a hard and sharp edge. - just like any DWARF manufacturer would make it.

For this project, I sculpted four elements that I personally cast using the lost wax method from brass. The handle has two cast brass parts and the center is made of beech hardwood. The pommel is in the shape of a fully armored dwarven helmet. Scabbard has a wooden core with soft leather inside. From the outside, there are brass cast elements on both ends and there is decorated leather in the middle - hand-stitched on the top and bottom.

The text in the old Viking runes on the blade means: BORIN sword made of iron mined from the heart of the mountain.

Length with scabbard: 710 mm
Length: 681 mm
Blade: 501 mm

- auction starts Wednesday 29.november 2023 - 18:00 CET
- auction ends on Wednesday 6.december 2023 - 22:00 CET
- starting price is 2990 USD  
- minimal bid 50 USD (OFFERS ARE BINDING !!)
- I will inform participants about the current price during the auction and the winners after the auction.

Please send your offers via message to my Facebook account: 
Thank you and good luck!


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