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Damascus broken back seaxes

Hello friends, here is your chance to win this silent auction

- auction starts Sundday 8.january 2023 - 18:00 CET
- auction ends on Sunday 15.january
 2023 - 22:00 CET
- starting price is 2450 € for THORSTEN (bigger one) and 855 € for SKADI 
- minimal bid 50 € (OFFERS ARE BINDING !!)
- I will inform the winners after the auction

Please send your offers via message to my Facebook account: 
Thank you and good luck!

The handle is made of mahogany wood with a brass guard and a brass pommel. These brass elements were designed, modeled and cast by me - using the lost wax method. The blade is made of 4 packets of Damascus steel and of another three layers of steel that I added during production between the packets. Both blades were created from one billet - that's one of the reasons why they are sisters - THORSTEN and SKADI.

Length: 732 mm
Blade: 536 mm

Length: 433 mm
Blade: 252 mm

I was hoping to finish the set of these two Damascus seaxes a little earlier, but I told myself that everything will come at the right time. I am satisfied with the result. Seax is a weapon/tool that was produced in different lengths - from a few centimeters to the length where it was already a sword - THORSTEN is exactly the second case - it is a sword.


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